Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Yes, the spelling is a little off. But, when you are talking to someone in a excited and animated manner, you tend to start making up your own words. I have to make this a fun word because for me, organizing is not easy. Most areas of my life are in some degree of disorder and in all my years, I haven't yet mastered time management. Oh well - at least I'm having fun!

I'm excited for this month's focus at the Making Memories blog - which is precisely on organization and different ways we can achieve it. There will even be an 'inspiration with joey' post about it in the coming weeks. Yes, I came up with some way in which to organize a part of my life... I'm amazed myself - this is not an easy feat. Check back every day for some fabulous and helpful ideas.

I did want to share one of my favorite ways of organizing ribbons - courteous of Making Memories Embellishment Storage Jars. Not only do they make the top of my shelf such a happy looking place, they are also extremely functional. I have one right above my computer too, with lots of yummy candy in it. My mom loved how this looked so much, she has been bugging me for several months to get some ordered for her. Her birthday is Friday - can you say perfect gift?

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jimlou said...

I will be happy when mine looks 1\2 that neat. As of now mine is in two bedrooms, dinning room, and den. OH, I forgot some is in the hallway waiting to be taken up to a bedroom (or at least the hallway upstairs).