Sunday, January 04, 2009

a new year...

Can't really ring in the new year without a party. We got together with our long-time friends who are at this point, really more like family. I could ask any of these guys for any favor and I know they would help me out however they could. That right there in itself is such a wonderful gift - we truly feel blessed by those we can call friend!

Aren't they just the cutest girls you've ever seen?

Oh, and I'm not sure what was in the water - or Coke Zero in this case, but Scott (my Scott) and Anthony giggled like school girls most of the night. It was one of those types of things where they continued to egg each other on, one-uping each joke to ridiculous levels and for me anyway, was almost as entertaining as being able to understand the joke.

We've been rockin' out a lot this past week or so, we got Rock Band 2 and a new mike and foot pedal from Santa. The drum foot pedal is a real one, made of metal and modified for the game. Yeah, we feel like real rockers!

I'm totally lovin' this new band - well, they aren't new, but they're new to me. Chloe got their CD for Christmas and I've seen a few of their videos on TV and u-tube. Tokio Hotel is the name and they're from Germany - when you see some interviews, they have translators, but they recently released their first english album in the US. They are HUGE in Europe and starting to emerge here, and, they have a decent and catchy sound. One of their songs is even on Guitar Hero - World Tour! Good stuff.

Scott told me for my (yes Mine) New Years resolution, I should try to update the blog more than once a month. He should be careful with such requests because I just might follow up and embarass him with giddy guy giggling pictures! But I really will try - and to prove it, I'm posting a picture or two of my darling kidlets. Here is the freezing family visiting the lights a few weeks ago. And the girls Christmas morning in their new PJ's, experiencing the winter's magesty and bounty of the Clause. Whoa, sounds like something I heard on a movie. Five points if you know which one!


Leslie said...

Super cute post! I love the new resolution and will check in from time to time and see how it's going. :o)

Rachel said...

That was a fun night! I think my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. What a awesome picture of your family at temple square. I love it!